Stone Restoration and Conservation

Due to its porous nature, natural stone is a vulnerable material to erosion such as weathering can lead to stone decay and stone erosion, where there has been inadequate maintenance or poorly executed repairs in the past the erosion can happen at an alarming rate.

Our Stone Restoration and Conservation services extend to include careful stone cleaning, stone replacement or consolidation and sympathetic restoration using specialist Natural lime mortars repairs etc. When deciding upon an appropriate stone repair, stone restoration or conservation strategy, we give careful consideration to whether:

Some of the onsite services we provide:

  • Doff , Thermatec Torc Cleaning
  • Lime Mortar Repairs and Repointing
  • Natural Stone Indenting
  • Lime Washing & Shelter Coating
  • Micro Pinning
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Whole Stone Replacement
  • Natural Stone Indent Repairs and lots more

Is the repair really necessary;
where there are no immediate concerns about safety or the integrity of the structure, stone may erode or decay to a significant degree before intervention is required?

Will Stone decay continue or accelerate if a repair is not carried out;
we look to prioritise replacement or Lime mortar repairs and concentrate on water shed protection elements such as copings, String courses and cornice sections and can be as little as carrying minor pointing.

The structure’s architectural entirety as a whole;
a central tenant of our stone restoration services is that replacement stone must be tooled, colour matched and wherever possible, sourced from the original quarry. Selective replacement and / or re-pointing using historic lime mortar, rather than wholesale substitution of stone, is usually all that is required.