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Brighton College, Brighton

Restoration & Conservation

Brighton College, Brighton

Founded in 1845 by William Aldwin Soames, who collected a group of like-minded local citizens to join him in the task, Brighton College was the first public school to be founded in Sussex. It has gothic revival buildings by Sir George Gilbert Scott RA (flint with stone dressings, 1848-66) and Sir Thomas Graham Jackson RA (brick with terracotta dressings, 1883-1887; flint with stone dressings 1922-1923).

The Traditional Stone team was privileged to be involved as principle contractor undertaking the restoration of the Caen Oriel window. Over the years this original carved feature piece had been repaired with a cement-based render which restricted the natural stone from breathing. The result is that any moisture passing through the stone from inside was trapped behind the render and couldn’t escape. Because of this in freezing weather, sections of render were pushed off the face of the stonework by expanding ice and the original Caen eroded further allowing water to ingress the building.

Key works included; Complete replacement of the damaged/badly repaired Caen stone window replicating the original with refurbished windows.

Our in-house production team undertook the on-site detailing, drawing, stone procurement, sawing, masonry and carving. It was then handed to our site team who carefully installed it.

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    Brighton College

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